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Supplies of Polishing Machines

All color polish Boot & Shoe Holders
Daubers Polish Cloths
Cleaners Yankee Wax
Shoe & Boot Trees Spray Shine
Side Stain Hand Brushes
Sole Stain Inking Brushes
Shoe Stretcher    
Please call and inquire for any other supplies not listed here.

Sole Cleaner Machine:

Cleans soles of shoe & boots on the foot
  Sole Cleaner Machine
Used indoors or outdoors  
Safety button/switch shuts unit off when released  
Ideal for any industry needing soles cleaned before or after entering a building  
Fast, simple, efficient to use  
Plug into standard 115 volt outlet  
Easy access drawer to empty dirt  
  Some industries using these machine:
golf clubs, country clubs, cement works, farm work, construction, food processing, medical facilities, electronics.
Please call and inquire for any other supplies not listed here.
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Phone: 617-786-8940 (MA and International)
Fax: 617-773-9012
E-mail: Harris@PilgrimShoeMachine.com

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