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Special Announcement

The Pilgrim Shoe & Sewing Machine Co., Inc. is proud to announce the purchase of the Fred Kamp Company, one of the oldest American Brush Manufacturers. As new OEM, Pilgrim has made the transition and resumed the same high quality production of all brushes and wheels immediately without interruption of service to our customers.

Pilgrim continues to offer the best quality hair brushes, yarn mops and cloth wheels to the Shoe Repair, Shoe Manufacturing, Pro-Shops, Locker Room Attendants, Orthopedic and Prosthetic, Harness and Leather Industries as well as custom made items for special applications.

We at Pilgrim are excited about out new acquisition and look forward to serving our old customers as well as our new customers.

Call Pilgrim today for your orders and special requests.

1672K Brown Hair Brush   1673K Black Hair Brush   1675K White Hair Brush
14519 6" Nylon Welt   802 Leather Burnisher Straight   803 Leather Burnisher, 8x2, Curved
846N nylon Cleaning Brush 8x2   812 8x2 Yarn Mop   2438, 8x2 Cotton Cloth Stitched

802A Linen Burnisher Straight
other styles
are available.
call for prices.

Phone: 617-786-8940 (MA and International)
Fax: 617-773-9012
E-mail: Harris@PilgrimShoeMachine.com

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