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Sewing Machine Oil

As you know, the Pilgrim team searches all over the world in order to find, and then carry, proven specialty products that are needed by our customers, and by the employees, associates etc., of our customers.

We are very happy to be able to inform all of the people who are interested in the products that are carried by Pilgrim, that we are now carrying the Zoom-Spout Oiler filled with Pilgrim Lilly White sewing machine oil, an extremely high quality, all-purpose and totally stainless lubricating sewing machine oil that is used all over the world.

Lilly White sewing machine oil is a unique and patented specialty product of which 60,000,000 bottles have been sold to mechanics, technicians and repair and maintenance specialists all over the world.

Zoom-Spout Oiler with Pilgrim Lilly White sewing machine oil

  • The Zoom-Spout Oiler was invented in 1953, and has become one of the most popular sewing machine oil products, even though it has never been advertised or promoted!
  • The Zoom-Spout Oiler features a telescoping spout that extends and retracts so it can reach deep inside a mechanism, and apply just the right amount of sewing machine oil, exactly where it is needed and not all over everything else!
  • The Zoom-Spout Oiler is refillable with Lilly White sewing machine oil. The Zoom-Spout Oiler also has translucent sides, making the contents visible so you will know when to refill.
  • The Zoom-Spout Oiler is made entirely of plastic so that it can be used around moving machinery, and/or electrical machinery without the possibility of damaging the equipment or harming the user!
  • Users claim to get "hooked" on our Zoom-Spout Oiler, making it a truly marvelous "use up and then reorder" product!

Why choose the Zoom-Spout Oiler?

You will soon see that the Zoom-Spout Oiler filled with Lilly White sewing machine oil, will "sell itself " in the shoe and sewing machinery field. When other people see someone using one of these wonderful products in the field, the first question they will ask the user is "where can I buy one?"

The manufacturer of the Zoom-Spout Oiler is interested in closely collaborating with the Pilgrim team in distributing and promoting this proven and patented product in our field, and they can supply it to us filled with any sewing machine oil or special lubricant necessary.

We are urging all of our customers to immediately place a trial order for the Zoom-Spout Oiler filled with Lilly White sewing machine oil, in order to now "get the ball rolling" for all of us.

We can only display a limited selection of the products we have in stock. Fax or e-mail us a list of the parts or supplies that you require and we will respond promptly. For a complete listing of the product lines we stock and manufacturers we represent, request a catalog or contact us at: . request a catalog or e-mail us or contact us at:

If you are not completely satisfied with our sewing machine oil, you may return or exchange the merchandise within 30 days of receipt of order. Call toll free 1-800-343-2202 to request a return authorization form and for information regarding our return policy.

Pilgrim also services other industries. Fill out the Contact Form and let us know what your requirements are.


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